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Food Hygiene Regulations

The Local Authority – Environmental Health
Catering Hygiene Regulations EC852

Local Authorities are not only visiting commercial kitchens to risk assess and check food hygiene. Every year, numerous prohibition notices are issued on commercial kitchens for violation of the relevant regulation EC852 which also covers the ventilation in your kitchen.

Of the 24,000 accidental fires per year in commercial properties, around 6,000 are attributed to cooking and extraction systems[1] and more than 80 per cent of kitchen extract ducts in the UK are never cleaned.[2]

Don’t let your business be at risk of fire and huge fines because of a failure to comply with regulations governing the cleaning of kitchen extract ductwork systems.

The National Association of Air Duct-Cleaners UK has produced a technical guidance document outlining how businesses must comply with the regulations.

By following the advice in the NAADUK’s technical guidance note NAAD1: 2015, businesses involved in food production, from farms to restaurants, can avoid the costly retro-fit of panels/ post-build work to provide access; reduce the number of inaccessible sections of ductwork; avoid the replacement of inaccessible ductwork; reduce the need for more expensive cleaning methods and specialist access equipment; avoid unsafe cleaning methods and work practices; and reduce the likelihood of fires and fines.

Under Regulation EC852/2004, which affects organisations operating in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and became effective on 1 January 2006, there must be suitable and sufficient means of natural or mechanical ventilation; mechanical airflow from a contaminated area to a clean area must be avoided; and ventilation systems must be constructed so as to enable filters and other parts requiring cleaning or replacement to be readily accessible.

NAADUK’s guidance note provides advice on the practicalities behind the term “readily accessible” which includes 17 examples of constraints to access, their considered resolutions and the associated implications. Examples include:

Constraints to access

Considered Resolutions
(at the time of writing)


Duct located behind a solid ceiling with no point of access

Inspection hatches placed into the ceiling which expose the duct at intervals in accordance with the BESA TR-19 s.7


Horizontally obscured duct. Reasons include other services running alongside, above or below

Services should not be fitted to ductwork or in such close proximity that they obscure access to the duct. Ideally locate elsewhere. Room for access to duct in accordance with TR-19 s.7 must be maintained. Please see notes below.


False / tiled / suspended ceilings restricting access to void and duct

The distance between ductwork and ceiling grid should be kept to a minimum to reduce the need for working at height. Please see notes below. Design considerations should include larger ceiling tiles to allow person entry without the need for dismantling,


The guidance note includes a three-point test allowing organisations to consider if ductwork is accessible for cleaning and maintenance:

  1. Can all access panels be removed by an operative without being obstructed?
  2. Can an operative access all panels; standing on the floor, via a step ladder or tower?
  3. Can fabrications, fans, inline components be accessed without being moved?

The document also includes helpful visual guidance for obstructions and inaccessibility encountered on real-life constructions

To download the full guidance note visit:

The NAADUK guidance note was put together by a drafting panel made up of member companies in the ductwork cleaning industry with contributions from:

Adrian Preston, Environmental Health Officer, City of Westminster
Regina MacHale, Senior Practitioner, City of Westminster
Nick Laveby, The Food Standards Agency
Alan Muse, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
Subash Ludhra - CFIOSH, FRSA, OSHCR, IOSH Past President – Anntara Ltd
Paul Greenwood, Tricon Food Service Consultants
Dr Hywel Davies, Technical Director, CIBSE


The National Association of Air Duct-Cleaners UK (NAADUK) is the leading register of qualified duct cleaners who have been trained by an accredited training provider to TR19 and BS15780 standards.

Founded in 2014, the association promotes quality standards, provides technical information and updates to its more than 200 members, facilitates communications between professionals, and engages with other organisations and professional bodies.

For further information visit

[1] According to insurers Aviva

[2] According to the Building and Engineering Services Association


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