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besa TR19 Guide to Good Practice

“Kitchen extract (exhaust) systems are particularly affected by the deposition of grease and oil on internal surfaces from the canopy, including any ductwork, through to the fan and discharge, since no filter can be 100% effective. Under certain circumstances flame, or high temperature within the duct and canopy, can ignite the grease causing fire to spread rapidly through the duct.” – Section 7 BESA (the new HVCA) TR/19 Second Edition Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems.

Frequency of Cleaning

Factors relating to the frequency of cleaning include the volume of catering (number of covers), type of usage (type and volume of catering) and the type of cooking (kitchens that use high levels of frying or chargrilled food will produce higher levels of grease compared with boiling or baking.

“Frequency of cleaning should be sufficiently frequent that grease deposit limits are not exceeded” (see BESA TR/19 e2 Table 12)

Table 12: Surface Grease Deposit Limits from the BESA TR19 ed2 Section 7

Wet Film Thickness Test (WFTT) measurement

Recommended action

200 µm as a mean across the system

Complete cleaning required

Any single measurement above 500 µm

Urgent localised cleaning required

“In the absence of data on measured levels of cleanliness, time and usage methods are used to estimate the required cleaning frequency” (see BESA TR/19 e2 Table 11)

Table 11: Kitchen grease extract systems

Perceived level of grease production

Typical example

Cleaning intervals (months)

Daily usage

Up to 6 hours

6-12 hours

12-16 hours

16+ hours


No significant production of grease laden aerosols during normal daily food production operations






Moderate production of grease laden aerosols during normal daily food production operations






Heavy, significant or continual production of grease laden aerosols during normal daily food production operations





Perfect Service Solutions are members BESA and NAADUK. Our operatives are trained and competent to clean and report on your kitchen extract system to BESA TR19 Guide to Good Practice Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems standards.

Perfect Service Solutions will deliver:

  • Produce a TR19 compliant and comprehensive survey
  • Photographic evidence of pre and post cleaned ventilation systems
  • Post Verification of Cleanliness Report and certification to BESA TR19 standards
  • A commercial kitchen that exceeds the legislative requirements


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  • The University have worked with Perfect Service Solutions (PSS) since 2009. They have undertaken the deep cleaning of all University catering ourlet extract systems, canopies and ductwork including wet film thickness testing. They are flexible in their approach and accommodate changes as necessary. PSS offer a good overall professional service with dedicated and knowledgeable staff and based upon my experience of working with PSS over the years, I would be happy to recommend PSS for similar types of contracts/works. We receive good customer service from PSS at a reasonable cost.

    Senior Maintenance Manager - University

  • Perfect Service Solutions carry out kitchen canopy cleans and service, maintain and repair kitchen extract equipment in over 40 of our sites. Most of our sites are schools and it can be quite difficult to arrange suitable access for repairs, however the need for flexibility is continually met by PSS. They seem to be able to re-organise their workload to accommodate our needs when any emergencies arise. They are very knowledgeable and I feel we can rely on them to inform us of any non-compliance issues, which they’ve done on more than one occasion. We’re confident that we are meeting all of our compliance obligations with the assistance of PSS and the quality of the overall service provided is good from placing orders, planning the work, execution of works and invoicing. We receive very good value for money and have no complaints with the quality of service. In fact PSS focus on providing excellent for their customers. and are always helpful in finding resolutions to our problems.

    M & E Maintenance Officer - Local Authority

  • I allocated Perfect Service Solutions 3 stores of my stores in order to check the quality of their workmanship, invoicing etc. They now service all 7 of my restaurants and I found them much better than my previous supplier. They brought issues to our attention and worked with us to address those concern, ensuring we were compliant with frequency of cleans etc. Not only are they flexible and value for money but they are transparent, progressive and are determined to deliver both a great service and product.

    Franchise Owner - Fast Food Restaurant Chain

  • In my 10 years of working and dealing with contractors in the cleaning industry, I have found Perfect Service Solutions to be by far, the most outstanding in their performance, professionalism and attention to detail.

    Before I engaged the services of PSS to deep clean our kitchens, I had three different companies clean the kitchen but the client was never satisfied for various reasons. But when I engaged the services of PSS, the client scored them 10/10 for service excellence and satisfaction! They are by far my preferred cleaning provider for the kitchens and I recommend them very highly to anyone interested in a professional kitchen deep clean as they truly live up to their name – Perfect Service Solutions!!

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    Contracts Manager - Large Facilities Management Company

  • "The three staff that came to fit the fan were extremely courteous, friendly and professional and it was clear to see that they took pride in their work and cleared up after themselves."

    Head Chef - Independent Hotel Group