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Specialist Deep Cleaning Services

Perfect Service Solutions offers a wide range of technical cleaning designed for the UK's food and facilties management industry. We keep your business protected. You are compliant, hygienically clean and safe in respect of regulations and insurance company requirements. Indoor air quality is a very real health issue and a clean, fully functional ventilation system is paramount.

Our services include:

  • Ventilation Hygiene
    • Kitchen grease extract system cleaning
    • Duct Cleaning - fresh air supply & extract ductwork
    • Pre-commission ductwork cleaning
    • Installation of access doors
  • Ventilation Solutions
    • Fan unit supply, installation and repair
    • Ductwork modifications and minor repairs
    • Fire damper testing & cleaning
    • Filter supply
    • Filter laundry service
  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning
  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • High Level Cleaning
  • Builders Cleans
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Cladding Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing

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Ventilation Cleaning and Solutions

Kitchen extract systems are the most complex and problematic commercial ventilation systems, with canopies, filters, fans and sometimes odour and noise control units as well. Supply air systems, which are needed to replace the volume of air removed by extract fans, usually consist of fans, grilles, air diffusers, and sometimes filters and heat recovery units. Perfect Service Solutions can clean, inspect and report on commercial ventilation systems in kitchens, washrooms, laundry rooms and more.

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Ventilation System Cleaning

Grease builds up in kitchen extract systems, and it is a fire hazard. Your ductwork, filters and other ventilation add-ons may also be a source of unpleasant odours and unwanted noise, especially if they have design flaws or are not properly maintained. To keep the air in your commercial kitchen fresh and the vents free of flammable grease, the ventilation system needs to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. This includes regular technical cleaning services for the fry range, ducts, canopies, filters, fans, etc.

Perfect Service Solutions provides an industry leading duct cleaning service because we are at the forefront of the industry and leading innovations. We also understand your ventilation system and unlike other duct cleaning companies have qualified personnel who can make modifications to it, if necessary. For example, we can replace and modify ductwork as well as replace faulty fans. We also routinely install access doors according to BESA TR19.


At Perfect Service Solutions, we don't just clean; we offer advice and guidance on ventilation systems and related regulations and standards. Our work is compliant with:

  • BS EN 15780:2011 Ventilation for buildings - ductwork - cleanliness of ventilation systems
  • Regulation (EC) 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs, 29 April 2004
  • BESA TR19, second edition: Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems

These guidelines and regulations set high standards for the cleanliness of commercial kitchen extract systems and supply air. Our team includes highly skilled and fully qualified ductwork engineers, ensuring that reporting, compliance and cleaning are carried out according to industry best practices. As a member of the Building & Engineering Services Association, we are regularly audited to ensure our systems are in line with the recommended standards. Our cleaning services lower the risk of fire, create a safer workplace for your team, and provide a better dining environment for your guests through improved indoor air hygiene.

Well Documented

Perfect Service Solutions' extract system and ductwork cleaning service includes detailed documentation. We provide our clients with complete pre-clean and post-clean reporting on ventilation systems, including before and after photographs. We can help you with certification, and we always keep master documents on file. Our clients feel safe in the knowledge that their kitchen extract systems meet industry standards and are as hygienically clean as possible.

Other Ventilation Systems

Perfect Service Solutions can also keep the fans and extract systems in your toilets and laundry area clean and well maintained. This includes the laundry extract, toilet extract, grilles, louvres, fans and diffusers.

Ventilation Solutions

Perfect Service Solutions has the expert staff needed to inspect, clean, modify and report on commercial ventilation extract and supply systems.

Fan Unit Supply, Installation and Repair

Perfect Service Solutions can advise, specify and supply a diverse range of kitchen fan units. We can provide you with extract fans that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of a busy commercial kitchen. We understand that every operation has unique needs, so we supply and install a fully appropriate solution or introduce you to our expert service partners who can support you at a level above us.

Perfect Service Solutions provide an emergency kitchen fan repair service that will minimise your down-time when disaster strikes! Of course, our regularly scheduled cleaning services greatly reduce the risk of a break-down.

Fire Damper Testing, Inspection & Cleaning

Fire dampers are mechanisms located in ducts where they pass through fire walls and fire-rated floors; they are designed to close automatically if there’s a fire. Without working fire dampers, fire barriers are ineffective, so keeping them fully functional is vital for fire safety. Perfect Service Solutions can keep your fire dampers clean, and we also inspect and test them to make sure they are fully operational.

Ductwork Modifications and Minor Repairs

Our Technicians are familiar with the standards for the design and maintenance of ductwork (BESA DW172), and when they spot a problem, they know how to fix it. From missing access doors to split seams, to condensation issues, our people can do any work that’s needed to make your ducts safer, more effective, easier to maintain and complaint with legal and insurance requirements.

Filter Supply

Perfect Service Solutions supply a range of commercial grease filters for kitchen extract systems. Kitchen extract filters provide essential flame barrier protection between the cooking area and ducts, helping to prevent duct fires. They also act as the first stage of both odour control and air purification. Simply put, filters are used to reduce grease travelling from the cooking area up into the extract duct, and subsequently remove that grease from the extracted air in the canopies.

There are many different types of filters, but in the catering industry, mesh and baffle filters are the most common. We highly recommend using baffle filters for primary grease filtration and many experts in the commercial kitchen ventilation system business agree, including the BESA and NAAD, the UK's leading associations for the HVACR industry.

Filter Laundry Service

Perfect Service Solutions’ filter laundry service keep your kitchen extract filters clean and free from grease build-up. We can add our filter laundry service on to your regularly scheduled ventilation system cleaning.

Other Technical Cleaning Services

Kitchen Deep Clean

Our full-service kitchen deep clean includes grease extract systems, supply air systems, catering equipment and fabric, including floors, walls and ceilings.

When Perfect Service Solutions carry out a kitchen deep clean, we strip everything back. Then, using environmentally safe chemicals that have been specifically formulated for us, we clean into the corners of all your walls and floors to remove grease and contaminants.

As always, we will work around you; we don't expect you to work around us. We clean equipment to the highest possible standard and immediately afterwards, all the equipment is ready to use. We can customise our deep cleaning services service for your business. Just call or e-mail.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Perfect Service Solutions can clean the grease trap that's attached to your waste water system. We use enzyme-based detergent for a long-lasting and complete clean. Like vent cleaning, grease trap cleaning is a fully documented service.

High Level Cleaning

Perfect Service Solutions works with extract duct systems every day, and due to our investment in training and equipment we can do other high level cleaning jobs for you as well. Keeping a commercial kitchen hygienic means that cabinet tops, lighting, walls and ceilings must be kept free of grease and dust. We also clean cladding and architectural details on your building’s exterior.

Builders Cleans

Even the best managed construction projects leave dust and debris behind. If you’re in a new space or have just renovated, then take advantage of Perfect Service Solutions’ Builders Clean. Get started on the right foot with a fresh, safe, hygienically clean environment for your staff and customers.

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpets take a beating in facilities. Perfect Service Solutions can deal with the grime in carpets using effective, environmentally friendly products and methods.

Cladding Cleaning - including graffiti removal

Perfect Service Solutions has the equipment needed to clean your building’s exterior walls. This includes cleaning at height and removing graffiti. Call or e-mail for details.

Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing

Perfect Service Solutions also offers a window cleaning service using the water-fed pole system.


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What our clients are saying . . .

  • The University have worked with Perfect Service Solutions (PSS) since 2009. They have undertaken the deep cleaning of all University catering ourlet extract systems, canopies and ductwork including wet film thickness testing. They are flexible in their approach and accommodate changes as necessary. PSS offer a good overall professional service with dedicated and knowledgeable staff and based upon my experience of working with PSS over the years, I would be happy to recommend PSS for similar types of contracts/works. We receive good customer service from PSS at a reasonable cost.

    Senior Maintenance Manager - University

  • Perfect Service Solutions carry out kitchen canopy cleans and service, maintain and repair kitchen extract equipment in over 40 of our sites. Most of our sites are schools and it can be quite difficult to arrange suitable access for repairs, however the need for flexibility is continually met by PSS. They seem to be able to re-organise their workload to accommodate our needs when any emergencies arise. They are very knowledgeable and I feel we can rely on them to inform us of any non-compliance issues, which they’ve done on more than one occasion. We’re confident that we are meeting all of our compliance obligations with the assistance of PSS and the quality of the overall service provided is good from placing orders, planning the work, execution of works and invoicing. We receive very good value for money and have no complaints with the quality of service. In fact PSS focus on providing excellent for their customers. and are always helpful in finding resolutions to our problems.

    M & E Maintenance Officer - Local Authority

  • I allocated Perfect Service Solutions 3 stores of my stores in order to check the quality of their workmanship, invoicing etc. They now service all 7 of my restaurants and I found them much better than my previous supplier. They brought issues to our attention and worked with us to address those concern, ensuring we were compliant with frequency of cleans etc. Not only are they flexible and value for money but they are transparent, progressive and are determined to deliver both a great service and product.

    Franchise Owner - Fast Food Restaurant Chain

  • In my 10 years of working and dealing with contractors in the cleaning industry, I have found Perfect Service Solutions to be by far, the most outstanding in their performance, professionalism and attention to detail.

    Before I engaged the services of PSS to deep clean our kitchens, I had three different companies clean the kitchen but the client was never satisfied for various reasons. But when I engaged the services of PSS, the client scored them 10/10 for service excellence and satisfaction! They are by far my preferred cleaning provider for the kitchens and I recommend them very highly to anyone interested in a professional kitchen deep clean as they truly live up to their name – Perfect Service Solutions!!

    Soft Services Manager - International Facilities Management Company

  • I have used Perfect Service Solutions for a number of years now and have always found the service and the costs to be of the best competitive price and the standard of work to always be above and beyond.

    Contracts Manager - Large Facilities Management Company

  • "The three staff that came to fit the fan were extremely courteous, friendly and professional and it was clear to see that they took pride in their work and cleared up after themselves."

    Head Chef - Independent Hotel Group